Penguin toys


The Pull Along Penguin Parade is a wooden train of wobbly penguins made for children to pull around the house to encourage gross motor skills, active play, cause-effect learning, and imaginative play. Wheels are lined with rubber for smooth, quiet rolling and are misaligned to create wobbly walking motion. Penguins are con nected by a loose hinge so they each wobble freely. Includes three vibrant penguins to be pulled along by a 21-inch string.

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The Learning Resources Emotion Cubes are cubes designed to help children who have autism spectrum disorder learn to recognize and discuss different emotions. It includes four different cubes, two with photographs expressing different emotions and two with emotion words. The cubes show real life photographs of different chil dren to help recognize emotions in a variety of faces. An activity guide is included.

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The Tactile Sandpaper Letters and Numbers is a set of sandpaper letters and numbers designed for beginning readers and special needs students to engage in a tactile learning experience. Numbered arrows show the sequence and direction of strokes for proper letter formation. The 4 1/4 x 2 5/8 inch cards feature manuscript letters and numbers which are die-cut from sandpaper. A white dot in the lower left corner helps with the correct orientation of the card. Available in Upper Case Set (includes 26 standard upper case letters), Lower Case Set (includes 26 lower case letters plus two alternative forms of l and t), and a Numerals Set (includes 10 numbers).

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LettersNumbersBear toys


The Balancing Bear Buddies is an educational toy designed for children with learning disabilities to play with. It encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, experimentation, creativity, and imaginative play. Wooden rings are graduated in size for extra experimentation possibilities. Stack up different configurations of rings onto the pegs on either side of the seesaw to compare their weights. Includes two bear heads, two large rings, two medium rings, two small rings, seesaw platform, and seesaw base. Made of durable wood.

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A user manual


Learn with Yoga: ABC Virtues is a book designed for children with disabilities ages 2 and up to teach them the ABCs along with healthy living. There is a colorful illustrated yoga pose and associated poem for each letter of the alphabet. Each whimsical poem depicts how to do the pose and a positive attribute on which to focus. This 52page book builds confidence and selfesteem, increases physical flexibility, raises awareness of the importance of good health and posture, and promotes effective techniques (such as breathing) for managing stress.

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Lacing beads in a box


Lacing Beads in a Box are chunky blocks  in a variety of shapes and sizes designed for children with fine motor disabilities to challenge various hand skills. They are thick, easy to handle, and have a long stiff tip making the manipulation of getting the lace through the hole manageable. They range from 1 ¼ to 2 inches big and feature oversized holes. Includes 27 wooden blocks and 2 long laces all stored neatly in a wooden box with a clear slide plastic top.

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Universal art tool holder


The Universal Art Tool Holder (cuff) fits right or left hand, and holds the art brush in palmar pocket using the plastic "L" attachment. It is made of soft nylon neoplush and has a Velcro® closure. The T-Bar Brush Holder provides leverage and added stability for an art brush. T-Bar brush holder measures 2 ½ inches long, 1 inch in diameter, and 1 ¼ inches shaft. The tools fit children and small adults.

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