The Tobbles Neo is a toy designed for children ages 6 months and up with cognitive disabilities to encourage innovative creative play, sensory exploration, fine motor skills, coordination, and visual spatial acuity. Users can stack, topple, spin, balance, wobble, tilt, wiggle, or roll.

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Klixx is a fidget chain designed for children and adults with learning or behavioral disabilities to help them focus and remain calm. Users can make creative shapes, letters, and so much more with the articulated plastic chain.

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The Mini Time Tracker is an audio sensory integration aid, a programmable visual timer, designed for students with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, and disorders that require sensory integration to help ground and focus them on the task at hand. Uses colored lights and auditory cues to count down time. Mini Time Tracker features two simple dials, a volume control, and an optional warning signal. These smart visual timers can be set anywhere from five minutes to two hours. They can be used as organizational sensory diet tool for classrooms, home, and occupational therapy. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

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The Counting Pogo Jumper is a pogo stick with a built-in squeaker and electronic hop counter designed for children ages 3 and up to encourage gross motor play. The child is encouraged to beat their personal best, or challenge other users. Accommodates any height. Counts and squeaks with every hop. Comfort grip handles.

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The VOCA-Pen is a sound recording and playback device that uses coded stickers to identify saved recordings. It is designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision, and individuals with autism or other cognitive difficulties. The user can record up to 20 hours of voice recordings. Any sound can be recorded, such as messages, music, words, and phrases. The VOCA-Pen includes reusable stickers that can be placed on any object, such as children's books or household items such as pill bottles. VOCA can speak words and phrases with or without a communication book.

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Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) is a reading program that helps non-verbal students learn how to read. ALL is designed for children with disabilities who require augmented and alternative communication. This program was developed by researchers at Penn State University and helps students using the six foundational skills of reading, which include: letter-sound correspondence, sound blending, phoneme segmentation, single word decoding, sight words, and shared reading. This program can be used by an individual or by many students, and provides three modes of instruction: independent, practice, and teacher-assisted mode. This app allows for customization and provides insight to parents or teachers about student progress. Requires Windows 7 or later. Available on the Apple iPad, running iOS 8.0 or later.

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This Magnetic Dry Erase Board is designed for individuals with learning disabilities of all ages to practice handwriting skills, encourage fine motor skills, and alphabet memorization. The user traces each of the dotted-line letters printed on either side of this magnetic dry-erase board. One side features upper-case letters, while the other side features lower-case. Both feature arrows for helping kids practice handwriting. It can be combined with a set of magnetic letters, numbers, or any other magnets of the user's choosing. Easily wipes clean with soft cloth.

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