Dressing Vests are a sensory motor tool for children ages three and up who have sensory integration, sensory processing, body awareness, and/or motor planning challenges. The vest gives them fastener and dressing skills practice that helps with their daily routine. Features elastic side panels that fit most children. Designed for therapy, school, clinic, or home use. Choose from a Snap Vest or Button/Zipper Vest. Not for children under three.

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Quick and Easy Strategies for Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum is a set of color-coded resource cards designed to be used by teachers who are teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The cards contain numerous easy-to-implement strategies for parents, teachers, and other professionals in all types of educational settings and situations. It includes practical ideas for the classroom, field trips, assemblies, the school bus, cafeteria, and more. Each color-coded tip card includes behavior interventions, communication systems, academic/environmental adaptations, sensory and social strategies, reinforcement methods, and more. Features a book-mark-style format so teachers can tuck it into pockets or student folders. Cards are coated for durability, with a single hole punch for storing on a metal ring if desired (not included).

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The Talking Containerizing Toy is an educational toy for children with learning or cognitive disabilities to learn shapes and matching through sorting, stacking, and dropping. When a shape hits the bottom, the pre-recorded message will play (up to 20 seconds). As this simple task is repeated, the child learns shape matching and identification. Remove the sorting lid and larger objects can be used. The sensitivity can be adjusted to accommodate items of differing weights.

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Dot-to-Dot Alphabet Lacing Animals is an activity designed for children three and up with intellectual or learning disabilities. It can be used to build bilateral coordination skills and for helping children learn the correct sequence/order of the alphabet. It includes a set of alphabet letters lacing cards for children to start with “A” and lace their way all the way to “Z”. This educational toy play set includes six cards and six laces.

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